To date, Erickson works as a certified clinical trauma professional and certified cognitive behavioral therapist in a group practice, senior instructor teaching psychopathology, counseling, abnormal psychology and neurobiology at Cambridge College, Massachusetts and visiting lecturer at Salem State University.

​When he's not working his day jobs, he writes fiction.


Writer & Publisher 

J.M.Erickson earned his bachelor's degree from Boston College majoring in psychology and sociology, masters degree from Simmons School of Social Work, post-graduate certification program in psychological trauma, clinical assessment and treatment from Boston University School of Social Work, and recently certified in cognitive behavioral treatment and as a certified post-trauma professional. Early in his career he worked as a critical incident specialist with city police and fire fighters just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, as well as clinical staff working with clients deemed dangerous to self and others in locked settings. In 2012 he wrote his very first book, Albatross: Birds of Flight, and in 2014 he published under his own name.