Future Prometheus II

Revolution, Successions & Resurrections

Foreword Reviews 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards - Gold

“...With solid science fiction balanced with Shakespearean quotes and believable character development, these stories draw the reader in and urge them to devour chapter after chapter...” - Michael Radon, US Review of Books (Recommended)

“...Erickson sure knows his military fiction - Future Prometheus II is both well-researched and brimming with technical know-how to the point that it sends the reader into quite a fantasy of how exciting it might be to enlist and somehow save the planet.” - Cate Baum, Self-Publishing Review

"It’s rare and refreshing to find such female-driven drama—particularly in the context of militaristic sci-fi—that never resorts to stereotypes." - Kirkus Reviews

“...The richly detailed scenes, the overall creativity, and the synergy between characters are what elevates this series to reading greatness...” - Palmetto Review

“...Characters are very well-rounded, and have detailed appearances and idiosyncrasies, giving them all a real texture and exciting visual reference for the reader...” - Cate Baum, Self-Publishing Review

"A truly original sci-fi series with strong ideas and even stronger characters." - Kirkus Reviews

“...Balancing the hard sciences with the liberal arts, these sci-fi stories rise to tall heights and entertain from cover to cover with fast action and authentic interaction...” - Michael Radon, US Review of Books (Recommended)

“...Conversations are crafted, spoken out loud and convincing, as if from a screenplay - in fact much of this work could easily become a riveting TV show something like Falling Skies or V....”- Cate Baum, Self-Publishing Review

“...J.M. Erickson did a superb job in creating a world where perceptive insights into human psychological and sexual nature are brilliantly exposed...” - Palmetto Review