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Future Prometheus II

Future Prometheus II by J.M. Erickson is a collection of three novellas which continue the story of a future earth called Nemericana. Nemericana is a fast-paced twenty-second century world at war, full of compelling and richly textured human and non-human characters. In exploring the various relationship dynamics between human and A. P. citizens as they try to establish dominance and tolerance at the same time, readers are invited to examine sexual, social, political, and psychological roles in contemporary society. The idea that history repeats itself is so deeply ingrained in our modern culture that it threatens to render inane any attempt at further examination; this remarkable series of novellas detailing Erickson’s dystopian vision steers clear of expected clichés with astounding dexterity.
Erickson’s narrative is delivered primarily in dialogue. The fluidity and grace of the meaningful conversations between key characters gives the entire series a marvelous cinematic feel that sweeps the reader up and carries the story along seamlessly. The result is complete immersion in a fascinating alternate reality without any of the strain of having to acquaint oneself with a plethora of specially coined words and complex scientific theories. No glossary is needed to enjoy this marvelous adventure; similarly, an advanced degree in quantum physics is not mandatory for entry. When Erickson introduces unfamiliar terms and new characters, he does so expertly, with appropriate (but never repetitive) context clues and prior event references which help the reader follow the story without losing the thrill.
Readers wishing to reap maximum enjoyment from Future Prometheus II should be prepared to relax perceived norms of sexual orientation, social conventions, class structure and response to conflict - Nemericana is at war and J.M. Erickson is not fond of euphemisms. Those who allow themselves to be absorbed into the thrilling dystopian vision will be richly rewarded: J.M. Erickson has created a vivid cautionary tale, from which all may gain insight and wisdom. This is marvelously crafted adventure reading at its finest. - (5 stars) Rich Follett

J.M. Erickson’s Future Prometheus II: Revolution, Successions, Resurrections is a continuation of his story, Future Prometheus: Emergence and Evolution. The story unfolds in the mega state of Nemericana, a society where women rule the earth, and boys are sent away. This is a futuristic world where Americans live like the early Native Americans and a new race of cybernetic life forms come into existence. While Lieutenant Jose Melendez, USMC, and his cybernetic team of Artificial Persons, known as the Omega Platoon, establishes a position in an ancient military complex, Captain Pearl Veritas, NCSF is fighting a war in Nemericana. The normally passive Artificial Persons, led by Aurora Prime, have formed a ruthless army which has attacked the Southeast, North, and West sectors of Nemericana and they have threatened the existing world order. In the midst of this upheaval, Major Mare Sade Singh tries to understand her son, Roberto, who was sent away as a young boy, and is now a soldier and a father. Will this war destroy Nemericana and the complex lives of its inhabitants?
Future Prometheus II is a fast paced science fiction novel that is highly entertaining. When the normally docile Artificial Persons start to behave like humans and organize themselves to take over Nemericana, everything is thrust into chaos. This is a story about power, love, jealousy, and ambition in a world that is, on the surface, completely different from what we have today. However, when one looks deeper into the motivations of the story’s characters, they are actually not so different from us. What is most interesting about J.M. Erickson’s novel is that it could indeed become a reality in the future, so that reading it is like looking at the probable state of our world hundreds of years from now. The author’s elaborate descriptive style makes it easy for me to imagine this futuristic world. And this is a book that I can highly recommend, not only to avid fans of science fiction novels, but to all kinds of readers. - (4 stars) Maria Beltran

Aurora Prime is pissed and ready to start a new world order in the first novella of the Future Prometheus II collection by J.M. Erickson. As Lieutenant Jose Melendez, USMC and a team of Artificial Persons (APs) are working on establishing a colony in an ancient military complex, Aurora Prime and her rogue APs are working to take over. At the same moment, Captain Pearl Veritas, NCSF is attempting to contain the situation in the Southeastern Sector. In the aftermath of Aurora’s take-over, Successions, it seems that everyone is working to locate the missing Lt. Melendez for their own reasons. As Aurora continues to expand and control her territory, the human species stands on the edge of extinction. Mare tries to continue to make a connection with her son Roberto as he grows into being a soldier and a father. As the countdown moves toward June 6th, 2175, Judgment Day, in Resurrections, the last of the set, an unlikely alliance is formed and a ghost from the past comes back to life as the ancient struggle between good and evil comes to a climax.
The three novellas that make up Future Prometheus II come together in a perfect set as J.M. Erickson continues the Prometheus saga. The suspense and intrigue continue to grow as humans and APs struggle for dominance or simply coexistence in the Post-Fall world that Erickson has created. The depth of the characters and the intricate details of the plot make this a very believable look into a dim future which follows on the heels of destruction. Suspenseful, intricate and action packed, Future Prometheus II will keep you turning pages to follow the action and wondering if mankind has and will eventually create an artificial intelligence that will bring us to extinction. - (5 stars) Bil Howard

The future consists of not only humans but advanced electronics and artificial intelligence as well. The story of Lieutenant Melendez and his ‘girls’ is most definitely one to check out. Emma and Danielle, for starters, are more than just artificial intelligence. They have the ability to do more than just follow orders, but also to make their own decisions and share their emotions with others as well. Aurora is only the beginning of their troubles, though she may just be the worst of them. There are plenty of characters, who will draw you in and keep you guessing until the very end of Future Prometheus II.
I have to say that Mare Singh was one of my favorite characters but there were plenty of others who caught my attention. Emma was a force to be reckoned with, and even though she’s an ‘AP,’ she was very much a human-like character. Of course there were all of the friends and family that Mare had with her and those she left behind. I have to say I was very interested in this futuristic world and I felt like it was something that could truly happen. Each of these characters made me keep guessing as they grew and evolved. The future is abounding but is it truly different from what has been left behind? It may not be in J.M. Erickson’s Future Prometheus II. This book was very good. It was futuristic and definitely interesting to me. -(4 stars) Samantha Rivera

The extinction of ‘Americans’ and the rise of a cybernetic sisterhood that is determined to erase the Nemericanan society from existence form the basis of Future Prometheus II: Revolution, Successions, Resurrections by J.M. Erickson. Singh, Pierce and Melendez individually and collectively struggle to preserve themselves and human civilization in the face of active aggression from Aurora Prime, an artificial intelligence cyborg intent on removing mankind from the planet. Aurora Prime has only limited sapience – knowledge and reasoning – that is limited to negative emotions and hate. As she builds her forces to defeat the female-led Nemericanans and the Omega group led by Jose Melendez and his positively sapient APs, it is quickly recognized that cooperation among the targeted forces is necessary. With a great deal of soul-searching and the need to come to terms with changing ways of thinking, the human forces, supplemented by carefully nurtured and trained APs, focus their efforts on defeating Aurora Prime so that any chance of survival can be preserved for all groups concerned.
In an ambitious effort to portray a modernistic society, J.M. Erickson provides tremendous action sequences along with keen psychological insights as he considers the rise of a cybernetic population that not only exhibits artificial intelligence, but emotion and the ability to reason as well. Additionally, the human characters in Future Prometheus II represent current American society, and a modern society of women who have become dominant and removed all traces of men from their lives. As the lively action unfolds, J.M. Erickson inserts history, literature, and religion into the story and provides many issues that confront society for the reader to consider. This is a great story that subtly questions the logic and moral values of our time and what effect they may have on the future. -(4 stars) Melinda Hills