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Eagle: Birds of Flight - Book Three

Following on the heels of “Albatross” and “Raven,” “Eagle,” is the third book in the “Birds of Flight” series written by J.M. Erickson. Seeking revenge for the downfall of the Foreign Intelligence Agency, Eric Daniels, also known as “Eagle,” has set his sights on destroying Alexander Burns. Burns played a huge role in bringing this agency down. Believing that his adopted family is safely hidden away in Spain, Burns keeps himself visible in the United States while he waits for the Eagle to go after him. When things don’t go as planned Burns is devastated by the outcome, yet even more determined to work with the FBI on capturing the Eagle.

The novel “Eagle” gives a more human side to many of the characters, especially Burns. He has come a long way in his recovery in that he has accepted his actions from the past. He also continues to have loving relationships with the few people that he trusts, and he has taken on the responsibility of caring for a dog that has issues of its own. The losses that he experiences in this part of the series are devastating to both Burns and the readers who have followed all three books in the series. There is a great deal of upheaval and change in this story. Other continuing characters are also presented in more depth, so the reader gains a greater understanding of what motivates them, and we also see more of their vulnerabilities.

I think that it is a must for new readers to go through the whole series of the “Birds of Flight” books in order so that they can gain a greater understanding of what has already happened. It will make this novel much easier to follow. Being familiar with the characters will help you see things better through their eyes and you will also have know more about why they are motivated to take the actions that they take. “Eagle” ends rather suddenly leaving this reader wishing that the fourth book in the series was available so that I know how everything plays out in the end. Having read three books in this well-written series, I look forward to the fourth. Fans of mystery, intrigue and suspense will love the “Birdsof Flight” series by J.M. Erickson. - Paige Lovitt, Readers View