Birds of Flight - Book Two

Honorable Mention, Action Genre

Readers' Favorite 2013 International Book Awards


 “...The writer refers to true-to-life events, contributing to the realism of the story in its descriptions of Military Intelligence strategies, ambushes and the realities of intellectual terrorism. This novel is more character-driven than plot-oriented..."Raven: Birds of flight" is a thriller with mounting tension and by any standard, a pleasurable reading experience for the fans of the genre....” -  Gayani Hathurusingha, Readers Favorite

“...Erickson has created a taunt suspenseful thriller sure to entice fans of Clancy, Flynn, and Ludlum. Intertwining current events from across the globe brings a sense of realism to the plot. His characters are not one-dimensional. They are well developed, making the reader pause and consider the true motivation behind Burn's actions....” -  L.A. Webb, US Review of Books

“...As with “Raven,” the author uses his extensive knowledge of psychology to create characters that are complex and multi-dimensional. It was interesting to find myself cheering for the people who are considered “the bad guys,” even when they have to take drastic action against people who are just doing their jobs. I also found it thought-provoking that some of the actions of our government that have been fictionalized by the author are beginning to show up in the news at this time.” -  Paige Lovitt, Readers View

“...This book is full of unpredictable twists and turns, and I particularly appreciated the sense of realism in this story...What J.M. Erickson does with "Raven", on the other hand, takes an interesting story, just enough action, suspense, and realism, along with a cast of lifelike and likable characters, and some great dialogues, and brings it all to a perfect boil that keeps you flipping pages as quickly as you can.”  - Palmetto Review