Falcon: Birds of Flight - Book Four

Book Reviews

“Erickson's characters, especially the enigmatic Burns, are compelling and real and seeing their personalities and relationships evolve throughout the series is marvelous.” – Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite.

“Overall a very exciting and intelligently series that I’d recommend to any Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, or Vince Flynn fan.” - J.T. Thomas, Indie Book Reviewers

“I found Falcon to be very fast paced and I felt like I was kept on the edge of my seat through most of the intrigue. I totally enjoyed how the characters adapted and related to each other. Touches of humor helped reduce the tension.” - Paige Lovitt, Reader View

“With a decidedly different tone, this is still a great read that offers plenty of closure without total finality. Like any good thriller, this book leaves just enough threads untied to make readers hungry for more.” - Michael Radon, US Review of Books

“Those who love a detailed and highly complex plot are sure to love Falcon’s ever-changing storyline, and its snappy, direct dialogue, and to-the-point action sequences make it a pacy, adrenaline-filled adventure. - K. C. Finn, Readers' Favorite

“...author J.M. Erickson did an excellent job with conveying the worldbuilding through the dialogue and actions of the characters and no boring dense narrative prose.” - James Masters, Indie Book Reviewers

“The book has all the ingredients of an action packed thriller that keeps its readers constantly on the edge of their seats. The vividness of each scene leaves little to the imagination while the past memories in between the present day events are depicted magnificently with seamless merging.” - Rattan Whig, Readers' Favorite

“Great female characters that are out of the norm, and I like that he spares us the cliché stereotyping. Highly recommended read for all.” - Sam Ryan, Indie Book Reviewers

“Falcon and the entire “Birds of Flight” series by J.M. Erickson is a must read for people who enjoy thrillers that involve espionage and psychological suspense.” - Paige Lovitt, Reader View