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Intelligent Design: Revelations

Around sixty-three million years ago, on the planet Mars, the balance between technology and nature has been achieved. That is until a catastrophic event occurs. The Gemini planetoids between Mars and Jupiter suddenly fall out of their orbits and are set for a collision course which will have a devastating effect. Master Architect Janus and his peers have a plan. Their plan is to preserve as much of their culture as possible, but at the same time set out to find their Creator. Millions of years later on planet Earth, Lieutenant Colonel David Farrell is baffled by a conspiracy that defies the laws of nature and the rules of science. FEMA Director Roberta Josephine Riesman is given an assignment that requires her to spy on an old friend. Riesman soon discovers that the very core of human existence is about to be challenged with the knowledge of an up to now hidden planet on the far side of the sun. And the biggest problem is that Earth is not prepared for that problem. Reluctantly, she decides take on the challenge to make a difference…if there is time.

Interesting. One word that really describes this book. I’ve always been a fan of good science fiction and this story is just that, good science fiction and more. I really enjoyed the characters, settings and overall plot. I must have missed something, though, because I never did really understand why the Terrans wanted to stay hidden from Earth. Nevertheless, the story moved along at a good pace that kept my attention. The ending was a little abrupt, but left the story open for a sequel or maybe more. Well done. - Paul Johnson, Readers’ Favorite

Over 60 million years ago, planets were destroyed and with them the life that existed there. The people on earth once believed that theirs was the only planet that had life on it, but recent events have made scientists question if this is true. These scientists are also faced with the possibility of the existence of another planet that has never been discovered by man. However, all efforts to discover the truth about this new planet are futile. Any scientist who seems to be making progress disappears and data containing years of research is mysteriously deleted off computers. The latest scientist to disappear is doctoral student Andrea Perez who was under witness protection at the time of her disappearance. Three questions remain to be answered: is there really another planet that has managed to stay hidden from man all these years? Could there still be life left on the abandoned planets? And who is foiling the scientists' efforts to discover the truth?

Intelligent Design: Revelations by J. M. Erickson is an interesting science fiction novel that goes back and forth across millions of years and cuts across different planets and different timelines to bring you a story with a unique and fascinating plot that will catch the mind of any science fiction fan. J. M. Erickson wrote a book with an interesting background and very captivating current events. The book combines intriguing past and current scientific events and theories, conspiracy, high-tech gadgets and a touch of humor, with a cast of unique characters to give you a gratifying reading experience. It is an interesting read and fans of science fiction will love it. - Fariday Nassozi, Readers Favorite

Intelligent Design: Revelations by J.M. Erikson is an engaging science fiction novella depicting worlds on various planets in our solar system. The fictional story begins with Master Architect Janus communicating with a Keeper computer. The Keepers protect planets and act as portals to other locations. Over time, the female artificial intelligence develops feelings and emotions as if she is evolving. In the meantime, the existence of Venus, Mars and Earth hangs in the balance. The Terrans are Neanderthal hominids with Venusian DNA. Terra is cloaked from Earth’s view. There is a father-daughter science duo working with math and statistics to bend light. Dr. Perez goes missing while NASA searches for clues. His daughter is pursued as she tries to piece together the mysterious puzzle. Mixed in the story are failing holographic emitters, the Martian invasion, the destruction of the dinosaurs on Earth, giant attacking rats, human tracking devices, Lucifer software, rogue federal agents, out-of-control government agencies, impending cataclysmic events, an all-female Delta Force, a bio-defense mechanism tablet, spectrograph science and gravity.

J.M. Erikson in Intelligent Design: Revelations writes in third person and uses a timeline spanning 63 million years as chapter breaks. On top of the who-done-it mystery and science themes, the real story seems to be about the Originators and whether there is a God, as well as the realization that man on Earth has evolved without the interference or guidance of a Keeper. Overall, the story is an enjoyable read with many exciting twists and turns akin to techno-drama science fiction. - Suzanne Cowles, Readers’ Favorite