J.M. Erickson is a prolific author of the “Birds of Flight” series, and another book I really enjoyed, “Intelligent Design: Revelations”. Since the beginning, Mr. Erickson has shown himself to be an author of great talent for weaving complex plots brought passionately to life by the strong characters. I admit that I am grateful for the handy character bio section that Mr. Erickson provides as this is a series that has spanned 4 books now (soon to be 5) and I’ve read over several months, it is nice to have a frame of reference to keep them all straight, as these novels are just as much character-driven as they are plot-driven. It’s funny because I rarely read much mystery/thriller/suspense/espionage books before, but Mr. Erickson has me hooked on this series and I’m so happy I gave it a chance! Great female characters that are out of the norm, and I like that he spares us the cliché stereotyping. Highly recommended read for all. (4-5 stars). Sam Ryan; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers

Intense and complex, “Falcon: Birds of Flight” by J.M. Erickson picks up where the previous novel “Eagle” left off, and takes it to new depths and heights. I was so eager to read this one after the crazy cliffhanger of “Eagle” and was excited to watch the intrigue unfold, and in a somewhat different manner than before. There was a lot going on at once, and sometimes it was a bit confusing, but I still liked the flow of everything and it all ends up making sense. Like how the author kept it fresh and once again I find myself eagerly anticipating the next. (5 stars). Stacy Decker; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers

I only recently discovered this author, and am happy that I did! Originally I only planned on reading this book, but upon realizing it was part of a series, I borrowed the first three from a friend’s Kindle and dove on in. My review is for the fourth book only (Birds of Flight: Falcon) It was the perfect continuation of the events of the preceding books that keeps you reading into the wee hours of the night. For the most part I thought that the author did a fine job of fleshing out the characters, although at times they could feel a bit ‘stock’, and I had trouble distinguishing one personality from another. There is quite a bit of head hopping from one character to another, and while this does serve well to provide a broader perspective, at times I found it confusing if I’d set the book down for any period of time. The ending of this (before the lengthy prologue that is basically a lead-in for the next one, “Black Swan”) was satisfactory, and I liked how everything was resolved. Overall a very exciting and intelligently series that I’d recommend to any Brad Thor, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, or Vince Flynn fan. (4 stars). J.T. Thomas; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers

Splendid! I love when a book takes me by surprise and keeps me on my toes, not being predictable. I like the fast pace and quick action, and how the author J.M. Erickson did an excellent job with conveying the worldbuilding through the dialogue and actions of the characters and no boring dense narrative prose. The writing overall is quite strong, there were only minor editing or formatting errors, nothing significant. These books are meant to be read in order in the series, so be prepared for quite a ride with a dynamic, fascinating cast of characters. Cool how it combines real life events and people with the events of the book… makes it more realistic, I think. Curious to see where Rachael takes it in “Black Swan”. An excellent series, thus far. (5 stars). James Masters; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers

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Falcon: Birds of Flight - Book Four

Having read the first three books in the “Birds of Flight” series by J.M. Erickson, I was eager to get my hands on the latest installment “Falcon”. This whole series is so well executed, fast-paced, and totally engrossing, and this latest effort was no different. This book revolves around the character of Alexander Burns (“Falcon”) and how he and the others are dealing with the unexpected drama and complications of the previous novel(Eagle), combined with a whole new set of unexpected circumstances here. I liked the psychological aspect, and as usual the action was unpredictable and totally engrossing. I feel like this series should be turned into movies, and am eagerly awaiting the next one, “Black Swan”. A MUST read for anyone who enjoys political/action/spy thrillers. (5 stars). Karen Matthews; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers

Firstly, I must commend the author for not only keeping this series going, but actually making it better as it goes along…. Too often I feel that series lose their tight grip on me as I go on, or the author loses some steam. However, in this case I feel like the story and plot is getting better and better as more pieces fall into place, and more crises explode, keeping our attention riveted throughout. This is a series that should be read in order (1-ALBATROSS; 2-RAVEN; 3-EAGLE; 4-FALCON) because the story and characters all build on one another. But it is one of the better written series I’ve come across, and keeps getting better. Looking forward to BLACK SWAN! (4 stars). Cale Owens; Goodreads, Shelfari, Librarything, Barnes & Noble, Indie Book Reviewers