Note From the Editor

Suzanne M. Owen

Albatross is merely the first chapter in the story of government special agent Alexander Burns and his mission to achieve justice and regain both his lost memory and his sense of self. Along the way, he is supported by a team of disparate individuals who are drawn together by the mission itself as well as by their developing relationships and loyalties.

One of the greatest pleasures for me in editing this novel was observing the growth of and interaction between the various characters. They struggle throughout to figure out their roles and their own purposes while the subplots intertwine and take shape, all of which is set off by the direct, clean writing. The language also shifts effectively between various registers, from colloquial speech by the characters and narrator to military terminology as well as the refined language of literary references, and this further enhances the atmosphere of the scenes and the psychological details at play.

My objective in editing this novel was to ensure the consistent “pull” of the plot and subplots and the seamlessness of the shifts in language. I was also mindful of maintaining the directness of the writing, especially the narration, so that one feels present in the story at all times, observing the action while being able to reflect on the changes in the characters and plot over time. The smoothness and pace of the language move the reader through the novel as plot details continually emerge, drawing the reader to explore the next complex, thrilling chapter.