Flight of the Black Swan

Birds of Flight Novella

                               “The Black Swan flies. The Wolf stalks.”
         Eric I. Daniels, the once powerful chairman of the omnipotent Foreign Intelligence Agency, is dead. All of his black-ops, covert missions and conspiracies have come to light after his secret bunker is discovered by Alexander Burns, Falcon 5. Finally, there could be peace in our time. There should be no more surprises.
         Life, however, is unpredictable and passion has a way of sparking a flash into a flame. In Paris, France, former FIA operative Alica Wise is mere steps away from her target, Jillian Davis. Her passion is revenge. In Washington, D.C., newly appointed CEO of Allied Federation International, AFI, Diane Welch and retired FBI Director, John Helms, come face-to-face with the elusive Russian power broker and warlord Dr. Volkov Volkonoff. His passion is his love for his niece while Welch and Helms seek the truth.
          At the same time, Lieutenant Steve Anderson finds a disturbing message on a well-dressed, unconscious woman in the same home where he found Dr. David Caulfield when the Merrimack Valley went up in flames. All he wants is peace. As Becky Littleton's desire for resolution leads to a final confrontation with organized crime boss Angelo Panelli in Rhode Island, AFI specialists Christine Dillon and Ana Ramsey see justice at their fingertips as they finally corner Jeffery “Snowflake” Glenn in Montreal, Canada.
         But of all these passions, it is the “Black Swan” that outshines them all. A walking control and command center with a photographic memory and impeccable logic and reason, Acting Regional FBI Director Rachael Janeson has gone missing for months. But in a flash, her intentions, primeval and well-orchestrated, are captured on surveillance cameras for her friends, family and colleagues to see. Is it love? Is it despair or anger? Regardless of her passion, it is time for the Black Swan to fly as the wolf stalks.

Published on February 28, 2015 by J.M. Erickson; 81 page novella; retail on Amazon and Barnes & Noble; ISBN: 978-1-942708-03-2